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Friday 27 May 2011

Working over the weekend?

We're about to finish for the Whitsun bank holiday weekend here in the UK, and I'm curious how many of you are going to be working over the weekend. Or what would be more interesting is how many of you will actually get a weekend completely free of work (for those of you not in the UK, will you get Saturday and Sunday?). That means not checking work emails - completely switching off from work.

I am aiming to spend some time with the family, maybe get out for a long walk in the middle of nowhere, but I would struggle to not check emails on my phone when I have a signal, and have some work I definitely need to fit in over the weekend.

Please let me know what you are up to in the comments. For those of you who are not even checking emails, maybe you can answer on Tuesday!

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  1. Good question, Glen,

    Here in the US we also have a holiday weekend, which means it's coupled with a third day off. In this case it's Memorial Day when we remember our fallen heroes, those who've given their lives for our freedom.

    I'll be working much of it, mostly because I'll be starting a vacation soon and I've got to wrap up for that. It's great to have some time off, though...I like your suggestions for leisure. Truly, no one can stay at mill day after day, or else, effectiveness will suffer.

    -bill s

  2. Dear Bill

    I realised that just after I posted! Sorry to hear you need to work it, but at least you have a vacation to look forward to.

  3. Hi Glen,

    I'm officially not working - but have already checked my iPhone more than once and sent an e-mail to a colleague...

    One of my friends tells me his wife threatened to throw his BlackBerry in the sea if he didn't switch it off while they were away...

    Matt forbids me to take my computer on holiday and I can see why, I wouldn't leave it alone!

    Have a break - and I'll try and take my own advice too!



  4. M

    Hope you're having a good weekend and manage to prioritise Matt over the iPhone!