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Friday 20 May 2011

A New Era for Not Just Numbers

Sunrise over Seaham
Hello again to regular readers who might be wondering where I've been. No blog post for over two months! Well, I've been busy reviewing how all the various parts of my business fit together - including this blog.

Not Just Numbers was originally intended to generate traffic for my other businesses, however it is difficult to justify the effort required purely on this basis - hence the deliberations over the last couple of months.

I have been wrestling with this because I enjoy doing the blog and would hate to give it up, and there are many intangible benefits which are difficult to measure for both the business (additional credibility for clients brought in through other routes for example) and for me personally (communicating with many interesting readers that I would not have otherwise met).

Well, the deliberation is over and I have decided not only to continue, but step up the blog activity, while looking for additional ways in which the blog can contribute financially (I still have a business to run!). The most immediate change you will see is the donation button in the right hand column, but I will also be looking for additional advertising where appropriate.

So, onwards and upwards.

PS: Not Just Numbers posts are like buses, none for two months then you get two in one day - there will be another post later today about using the dollar sign in Excel formula to fix cell references.

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