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Wednesday 22 April 2009

Budget Day in the UK

Alistair Darling issues his most important budget today.

I would love to think he addresses the anomaly of an acute housing shortage and decimated construction firms with no work.

The UK has had a massive drop off in demand for the purchase of houses due to the credit crunch in the mortgage market, but still has a massive demand for housing (unlike the US, which has an oversupply of housing).

Surely the answer is to pay the construction companies to build council houses/social housing!

Good luck Alistair - going to need it!

What does everyone else want to see in the budget?

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  1. Hi Glen - if you Tweet using #budget09 or #budget2009 in the Tweet then CoverItLive will pick it up - I am running live coverage out of the ICAEW and my own weblog to capture as much as possible as the action unfolds. Would be good to see how this plays out. Thanks.