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Tuesday 13 January 2015

Excel Tip: Enter the same data in multiple cells at once

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Anyway, on with this week's post. Just a quick one this time.

In the comments of last week's post, Bill Simpson of Texas mentioned a simple little tip that I hadn't seen before. We're all still learning!

I thought I'd share it with you all too.

If you want to enter the same thing into multiple cells, you can enter it into one and copy it into each of the other cells, however a quicker solution allows you to enter the same thing into all of those cells at once.

Just take the following steps:

  • Highlight all of the relevant cells (you can use the mouse to highlight a range, or click on each of the individual cells while holding down the Ctrl key)
  • While they are all highlighted, type what you want to
  • Instead of hitting Enter, hit Ctrl + Enter, the information will appear in all of the selected cells.
That's it. Don't forget to take a look at Mynda's course while you can get 20% off.

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  1. Glen: I prefer Ctrl/Enter to using Fill. The mindset is then one of entering the same formula throughout a Range rather than one of replicating Cell content. It also means Ctrl/Shift/Enter comes as less of a shock!

    In a sense it is the keyboard equivalent of the VBA Range properties
    Sub myFill()
    [x].Formula = "= Rand()"
    [y].FormulaArray = "= x^2"
    End Sub


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