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Thursday 7 January 2010

Give yourself the gift of time in 2010

I'm always telling my son that time is our most precious possession - once a minute has passed, we can never get it back again. As the old saying goes, "Time is money", but it is much more valuable than that if you think about it - you can swap your time for money, but money can't buy you any more time (to horribly misquote The Beatles).

We may not be able to buy more time but we can have a similar effect, by saving time on regular tasks, so that we can use it for something more productive or enjoyable.

Why not start the year by automating a regular job or task to save you time for the whole year.

I have done some quick calculations to show three simple ways to gift yourself a whole extra working day (8 hours) in 2010 (assuming you act now!):

Automate a monthly job that usually takes 40 minutes;
Automate a weekly job that usually takes 10 minutes;
Automate a daily job that usually takes 2 minutes;

How hard can that be? Think of all the jobs that you do that could be speeded up, or eliminated, with a little thought and maybe a simple spreadsheet. IBold bet you could gift yourself more than a day. Just think, saving a 10 minute job a day would save you a working week!

If you think you'll need a spreadsheet to automate the job, you don't even have to do it yourself - we can do it for you at Spreadsheets by Email.

The key is that you look at what you are spending these precious minutes of your life on.

Here's to a happy and productive year!

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