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Tuesday 17 November 2009

Preparing for the new year

I know this may sound a little premature but "What is your New Year's Resolution, when it comes to work?"

Many of you will have a December year-end, but for everyone else the end of the year provides a natural breakpoint too.

Why is this important now?

Typically, you will resolve that something will work differently in the new year. This will require a new process, new software or some other change to your working environment to enable the change. If things are to be different in the new year, these enabling changes need to be starting to happen now. If you leave them until the new year, they are unlikely to get started until, say, February (once you have caught up after the break), they may then take, say, a month to implement, turning your new year's resolution into a reality in March, rather than January.

So, back to my earlier question, "What is your new year's resolution?" and "What do you need to implement now to make it a reality?"

If the answer involves a spreadsheet, why not let Spreadsheets by Email do it for you and you can concentrate on planning your office party!

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