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Thursday 3 September 2009

Blog, Ezine or both - please let me know?

I am considering a slight change to the format of Not Just Numbers and would like to get some feedback from readers.

Not Just Numbers started as a monthly ezine and then extended to include this blog. The blog includes all of the articles that are in the ezine as well as many posts that are not. Subscribers to the ezine receive regular emails with links to the latest blog posts - as well as the ezine.

On the face of it, the time spent compiling and formatting the ezine adds no new content for readers who receive the articles anyway in the blog digest emails. I feel that this time might be better spent adding extra content to the blog.

Before I make this change, I would really like to find out what readers think. So, please comment on this post with any preferences you have either way. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

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  1. I'd keep the blog, Glen - for one very simple reason.

    It's free!!

    Why pay for AWeber (unless you have to for other stuff) when you can use Blogger for free!

    Spot the fellow accountant :-)


  2. M

    Thanks for the comment.

    I couldn't really see dropping the blog as an option, or indeed the email updates (using Aweber) - it is the additional time spent re-packaging the blog content for the ezine that I think could probably be better spent creating more content.

  3. Love the blog - and you're probably right, the ezine may not add enough benefit to be worth the time ...

  4. Juffie

    Thanks for the feedback, pleased you enjoy the blog.

  5. glenn

    The blog alone will do for me - as you say your time is best spent creating content.

    One thing is for certain - what you are providing is of real value!

    Les Hodgson

  6. Thanks Les, that seems to be an emerging consensus.

  7. Blog alone is enough. Use the time and energy to focus on content there. The ezine could become more static, with a prompt that a new blog post is available, and jpg anchors to prompt people to subscribe in a reader, maybe?

    Bill Spinks

  8. Thanks for all of your comments, including those by email. The general consensus seems to be as I thought, i.e. the ezine adds nothing new and the time would be better spent on more content.