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Tuesday 17 February 2009

UK Companies - Cut your overheads

Pretty much every business is looking to cut its overheads at the moment - often involving large job cuts. Where in many cases these cuts are necessary, there are often less painful ways to cut overheads.

Through my FC Procurement company we work with a group of suppliers across most overhead areas to minimise our clients' overheads. We don't charge our clients for this service, nor do we commit them to long term contracts. We do all of the work and the client gets the savings if he/she is happy with the service.

The savings can be big, for example a typical company spends 1% of its turnover on printed materials alone - and a similar amount on insurance.

If you would like to discuss what FC Procurement can do for your business (sorry, UK only), then please give Glen Feechan a call on 0845 6439693 or email

1 comment:

  1. Using FC Procurement many of my clients have saved hundreds [if not thousands] of pounds on their non-core spend. Including such things as mobiles, stationery, printing etc.

    Roy Alleway