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Tuesday 9 September 2008

Advanced Management Reporting in Microsoft Excel

If you are based in the North East of England (or could get there on the 21st October), you may be interested in the workshop described below. I rarely do this but it is very poular when I do.

"Thanks so much for running [the course] for our company recently.
It has certainly increased my own productivity. I now have no need to rely upon the rather unfriendly reporting abilities of our [accounting and MRP package] as I can extract the data and manipulate it in Excel much more efficiently.
The others that attended the course are also using it almost daily and training their colleagues.
The few people who were versed in the supplementary reporting package purchased alongside our current accounting and MRP package have now virtually abandoned it in favour of the superior and simpler functionality offered by Excel. Had I attended the course prior to purchasing the software in 2001 I certainly would not have bought the reporting package or any of the associated and costly training days.”
Ian Batchelor, Finance Director, Analox Group Ltd

Advanced Management Reporting in Microsoft Excel®

One-Day Intensive Workshop

with Glen Feechan

21st October 2008

You know that you have all of the information you need in your accounting and management systems, however every day, week and month you (and your team) spend time pulling it from different sources, tweaking it and presenting it in a format that you (and the rest of the management team) can use.

What if you had the skills to automatically populate your existing spreadsheets and/or create new ones that give you all of the information you need, in a few clicks, when you want it.

Glen Feechan is a chartered accountant and expert in this field. This one-day workshop is a rare opportunity to learn his unique approach to automating all of your reports (from simple sales reports to complex management accounts). This is possible, no matter what accounting and management software you use in your business.

For just £275 plus VAT per delegate, you will learn how to:

  • Interrogate your existing systems

  • Analyse the resulting data using lookups and pivot tables

  • Present it in any format, including your existing spreadsheets (no matter how complex), automatically

  • To find out more, call 0845 6439693 or email Alternatively, please complete and return the BOOKING FORM.

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