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Learn Pivot Tables now...

Would you like to have painlessly mastered Pivot Tables an hour from now?

That's right! You are less than one hour away from being able to stun your boss, or your clients, with your ability to manipulate and present any data they throw at you.

Back in 1998, the organisation I was working for switched from the old Lotus-123 to Microsoft Excel. I was a very competent user and picked up the majority of the new spreadsheet software quickly, but was intrigued by these mysterious pivot tables. It took a while to get my head around them, but when it clicked it opened up a new world of possibilities (I know, sad eh!). To this day, I believe that most people will double their effectiveness with Excel once they learn this one tool and so I have set out to make it as easy as possible for you.Within seconds you can be downloading the following: 

  • Five professional tutorial videos written by me and narrated by my good friend Emily Coltman
  • A 28-page supporting manual
  • Spreadsheets containing the data used in the examples so that you can try it yourself at your own pace
  • BONUS: I will also include a 15 minute video interview I did with Emily, discussing real-world applications from my own experience.

Within the next hour you will learn how to:
  • Analyse data by multiple categories
  • Change the pivot table layout to suit your needs
  • Add/remove subtotals
  • Create filtered reports
  • Change number formats
  • Drill down into the data
  • Group dates by month, year, etc.
  • Change your source data
  • Use lookups to bring in data, or categories, from outside of your pivot table

What's more, you get two versions of the course (Excel 2007/2010 and Excel 2003) for those of you still using older versions of Excel -  and you can choose whether you want to pay in Pounds Sterling or US Dollars.

Download now
for £19.50
or $29.50 if you prefer

"It was excellent. Really easy to follow and I liked the fact that there was a written version in addition to the videos."

"I bought a book on pivot tables from Amazon a number of years ago and I read 3 chapters but never obtained any knowledge on how to use pivot tables. Whereas with your video you were immediately presented with the knowledge of how to prepare pivot tables......Again many thanks for creating your presentation on pivot tables I certainly think it is very informative and well worth the money."

If you are still unsure, I would like to remove any further obstacles to you benefiting from this course therefore if you do not feel that the course was what you expected, just drop me an email within 30 days of your purchase and I will refund the full amount you paid!