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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Poll Results: We're all building our own spreadsheets!

We now have the results of our (completely unscientific) October poll in answer to the question:

Who builds your spreadsheets?Thank you to all those who responded.

As you can see from the graph above, the overwhelming majority of you (90%) are designing and building your spreadsheets yourself.
Thirty-eight of the forty-two respondents to the poll said they built their spreadsheets themselves, two delegated the job to a junior member of staff and another two used a specialist provider such as our own Spreadsheets by Email.

I would question whether in every case this was the best use of your time. It is easy for a senior (and expensive) member of staff to spend hours getting a spreadsheet to do what he/she wants it to, when efficient delegation to an Excel-literate member of staff - or a few pounds to an external provider - can usually return a better, more cost-effective result in much less time.

My suspicion is that people like myself are not getting the message out there well enough as to how easy it is for someone experienced in Excel and business to understand your requirements and produce a spreadsheet that meets, or exceeds, your requirements. All I can do is suggest taking a look at what some people have to say about their experience with Spreadsheets by Email.

I would also suggest submitting your requirements to Spreadsheets by Email. You will receive a no-obligation, fixed-price quote for the work and you can decide yourself whether it is worth it.

Sorry if I sound a bit salesy, but you can genuinely save a great deal of time and money and it costs nothing to get a quote.

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